Grand Theft Auto trilogy remaster rumored to release in 2022

Rumors continue to spread about the possible GTA trilogy remasters.

According to leaker Tom Henderson, the rumored Grand Theft Auto remastered trilogy may not release until next year.

Henderson took to Twitter on August 18 to address the rumors. He stated that the rumored launch time frame is incorrect. Instead of releasing this fall, Henderson believes it will come out next year. This information contradicts Kotaku’s report. They state the remastered GTA trilogy will release between late October and early November.

Tom Henderson’s Tweet

Although Henderson is primarily known for his coverage on Battlefield and Call of Duty, he has recently made posts related to Grand Theft Auto. The gaming community considers Henderson’s leaks to be generally reliable. Therefore, when he began posting GTA leaks this year, fans took him seriously.

Origins of the rumors for the GTA trilogy remaster

The rumors of the remastered GTA trilogy began spreading like wildfire at the beginning of this year. Take-Two Interactive’s decision to remove mods for classic GTA titles from the internet backs up the speculation. In addition, the publisher announced the development of three unnamed remastered games.

Reports suggest that the studio Rockstar Dundee are the head developers for the remastered Grand Theft Auto trilogy. Rockstar Games recently purchased the Scotland-based development team. Previously named Ruffian Games, the studio lead development on two of the Crackdown games and assisted on the Master Chief Collection.

Reports from Kotaku suggest that the games will launch as a bundle. Many suggest that the remasters use Unreal Engine and will have a mix of new and old graphics. The user interface will likely also receive an update that remains true to the original PlayStation 2 versions.

Another factor influencing the rumors of a remastered GTA trilogy is the upcoming 20th anniversary of Grand Theft Auto III. Some people believe that with the anniversary coming in October, Rockstar has plans for a major surprise. This is also unconfirmed.

Rockstar and parent company Take-Two Interactive have yet to address the rumors. As of now, nothing is confirmed. As this story develops, the team at Mega Visions will keep you informed.

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