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New Final Fantasy VII Remake video shows gameplay with PS1 camera

"To inspire the modding community to make FF7R fully playable with classic PS1 FF7 cameras."

Since its release, Final Fantasy VII Remake has set a new standard for remakes versus the saturated list of remastered titles with graphical improvements and lackluster ports. And while FFVIIR does look stellar and continues to improve via patches, have you ever wondered what it would look like with the classic PlayStation 1 camera?

Thanks to the YouTube channel Final FanTV‘s proof of concept video, you’ll be able to see the FFVIIR camera shifted to reflect the original Final Fantasy VII‘s angles. Check it out below:

Final Fantasy VII & Remake w/ Classic Camera

“This is a proof of concept [that] hopefully [can] inspire the modding community to make FF7R fully playable with classic PS1 FF7 [angles]. Note: I cut out the cutscenes (The mod should just go to the cutscene camera because a lot of lighting and placement swaps happen when the camera is away) Also, battles should also just return to [the] Remake camera style. Just exploration with classic cams would be so cool! I did this utilizing the photo mode options created by I support their work there and you definitely should check it out!”

Final FanTV

While just a proof of concept, it already shows the degree of finesse that old systems like restricted camera angles could add to modern gaming. I second the notion for modders to hop on this since there’s a lot of viable room to play with camera work here and there.

What do you think? Let us know below!

Via: Wccftech

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