Final Fantasy VII Remake now has character customization mods

Switch up the hair color, clothing, or accessories of iconic characters on the fly!

The modding scene for Final Fantasy VII Remake has exploded throughout December with a plethora of character customization mods that can change hair color, clothing, accessories, and more. While there aren’t any mods that add additional content, these give options to players that want to flavor up the main cast.

From white-haired Tifa to Barrett without sunglasses, most mods floating around the internet follow this trend of removing and adding to character models. There are also weapon modifications like Cloud swapping his Buster Sword for Sephiroth’s infamous Masamune. Even Tifa’s abs can get a more toned look to emphasize her body as a brawler.

Final Fantasy VII Remake's Tifa Lockhart
Tifa in Hometown

So where are the goods at, you might ask? You’ll find an eight-paged list (as of writing) of these alterations on the renowned Nexus Mods site under Final Fantasy VII Remake. Take your time shopping around because there’s a ton to unpack. However, I should mention that modders can currently customize eyes, hair, glasses, and clothes for Cloud, Tifa, Barret, Aerith, RedXIII, and Yuffie. While a limitation, this month alone saw the uprising of mods for FFVIIR, and we’re bound to see startling improvements in the future at this rate.

Which mod for FFVIIR will you try out? Let us know below!

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