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New Bomb Rush Cyberfunk trailer shows off different movestyles

In addition to inline skating, Bomb Rush Cyberfunk will let you tackle courses with skateboards and BMX bikes.

Team Reptile’s Jet Set Radio spiritual successor Bomb Rush Cyberfunk is set to launch this year, and we couldn’t be more excited. The game, expected to release sometime in 2022, takes heavy inspiration from both the gameplay and visual style of JSR. To add to the hype, Team Reptile released a trailer for Bomb Rush Cyberpunk with a focus on the movestyle varieties — including inline skating, skateboarding, and biking.

It’s been clear from the get-go that Bomb Rush Cyberfunk is designed as a carbon copy of JSR. The gameplay and aesthetics are identical; it’s even got the same syllable pattern in its name. But with these new gameplay styles, it looks like Team Reptile is experimenting a bit with how you play. Skateboarding and BMX are the perfect additions to a JSR follow-up, and seeing them in action shows how natural a fit they are.

Check out the new movestyle trailer below, set to the song Agua by Bx’treme.

Choosing the right movestyle for Bomb Rush Cyberfunk

According to the trailer’s description, Bomb Rush Cyberfunk is all about choosing the right style to outdo rival street crews. Each movestyle presents different movement opportunities, with each one allowing you to perform different tricks in addition to combos. No matter which style you use, though, you’re able to switch to on-foot gameplay at any time.

Dion Koster, the director for Bomb Rush Cyberfunk, discussed the movestyle additions below:

As you know, [Bomb Rush Cyberfunk] is a game about the street. Wherever you are from, chances are you grew up going out to the local skatepark, scratching your name on the bins at school or hanging out at the mall, dancing, before heading back home to do some extreme tricks in your favorite video game. Maybe it got you to the point that you are now hitting up the big spots in your own way! Bomb Rush Cyberfunk is a big street culture symphony of these feelings. In that spirit I have decided to include skateboarding, BMX and inline skating in the game.

Dion Koster, Game Director for Bomb Rush Cyberfunk at Team Reptile

Bomb Rush Cyberfunk is developed by Team Reptile and will launch in 2022 for Nintendo Switch and PC via Steam. Additionally, the developers plan to bring the game to other consoles. You can see more about the game’s development on Team Reptile’s site here.

What do you think of the skateboarding and biking styles? Let us know!

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