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MLB The Show 23 joins this week’s upcoming games

MLB The Show 23, The Last of Us Part I and more!

Good morning, and happy Monday, everyone! As we begin the new week, we have a huge slate of new releases to get excited for. Whether you want to join the major leagues in MLB The Show 23 or revisit the emotionally gritty tale of The Last of Us Part I, there’s a new game for you. So, without further adieu, here are all the games coming out this week!

MLB The Show 23 (Mar. 28)

Starting things off this week, we have MLB The Show 23. Developed by Sony Interactive Entertainment San Diego Studio and published by PlayStation Studios, the premiere baseball simulator returns bigger and better than ever. Featuring all your favorite players and rivalries, this game aims to let you live out all your wildest MLB fantasies.

One of the ways the title hopes to further immerse players is through its MLB Draft system. The revamped feature adds strategy and depth to managing your organization, and the new MLB Postseason format reflects schedule and CBA updates. You can go home in MLB The Show 23 when it pitches onto PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch tomorrow.

Colossal Cave (Mar. 28)

Colossal Cave

Venturing into your home next is Colossal Cave. Developed and published by Cygnus Entertainment, the new studio started by Sierra On-Line founders Ken and Roberta Williams, this game reimagines the classic 1976 text adventure. Retaining the core of the text-based classic, the reimagined version features point-and-click controls with outcome probabilities ripped straight from the original title.

However, this time around, you can experience the fantastic journey with fully realized 3D visuals designed by the legendary Roberta Williams. From the awe-inspiring dragon to the myriads of dwarves itching to throw knives at you, this game provides tons of interesting encounters from the original game, complete with charming visuals. While the game previously launched in January for other platforms, Colossal Cave now ventures onto Xbox consoles tomorrow.

Crime Boss: Rockay City (Mar. 28)

Then, developer Ingame Studios and publisher 505 Games brings you a cinematic first-person shooter jampacked with celebrity performances. Featuring the likes of Michael Madsen, Danny Trejo and Chuck Norris, Crime Boss: Rockay City aims to deliver an over-the top Hollywood blockbuster gaming experience.

The game places you in the titular Rockay City during the 1990s. After the previous crime boss falls, rival gang leaders battle it out across the city with aspirations of being the next underworld kingpin. You can blast into Crime Boss: Rockay City tomorrow when it comes to PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S and PC.

Sifu (Mar. 28)

Sifu is an action game developed and published by Sloclap. The game offers realistic and tight Kung Fu combat mechanics as you embark on a path for revenge. The game sees you take on the role of a martial artist hoping to bring down a group of assassins who killed your family.

Though you have no allies and countless enemies, you do possess a magical amulet that brings you back to life every time you die. However, the catch is that whenever you respawn, your character ages and grows older. Though Sifu launched last year on other platforms, Xbox players can get their hands on it tomorrow.

Terra Nil (Mar. 28)

Terra Nil is a simulation game where you can transform a barren wasteland into a thriving and balanced ecosystem. Developed by Free Lives and published by Devolver Digital, the game places you in a lifeless world and tasks you with rejuvenating the land to become a thriving environment.

Throughout the game, you’ll need to purify the soil, clean the oceans, plant trees and ultimately reintroduce wildlife without leaving a trace. In addition, the game offers tons of replayability by procedurally generating new maps each playthrough to give you something different each time. Terra Nil comes to PC, iOS and Android tomorrow.

The Last of Us Part I (Mar. 28)

For those of you excited to revisit Joel and Ellie’s gritty and heartfelt story on PC, the wait is nearly over. Naughty Dog and PlayStation Studios take us back to the origins of The Last of Us with a complete redesign of the original. Although the original story will remain intact, the remake promises to improve on many technical aspects of the game. The next-gen remake will feature modern control updates, improved graphics and modern accessibility features.

Overall, the new game hopes to serve as the definitive version of The Last of Us by retelling the original critically-acclaimed story with gameplay more akin to Part II. While it first hit PlayStation 5 last year, Naughty Dog and PlayStation Studios are bringing The Last of Us Part I to PC tomorrow.

Dredge (Mar. 30)

Dredge is an adventure game that takes you on a fishing journey unlike any other. Developed by Black Salt Games and published by Team17, this game sees you fish in some of the most sinister undercurrents known to man. As you catch new fish, sell them and upgrade your boat, you’ll dredge the depths of long-buried secrets.

Throughout the game, you’ll also explore a mysterious archipelago and discover why some things are best left forgotten. What valuables and deep-sea secrets will you find below the waves? Will you survive to tell the tale? You can dive into Dredge when it swims onto PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC this Thursday.

The Last Worker (Mar. 30)

The Last Worker is an adventure game centered around a lone worker’s last stand in a world dominated by AI. Developed by Wolf & Wood and Oiffy and published by Wired Productions, this narrative-driven dystopian tale sees you take on the role of Kurt. Kurt works for the world’s largest retailer as the last human employee. Now, he must choose between capitalism or activism.

Though Kurt enjoyed working for the same company his entire life, a group of activists ask him to dismantle the corporate giant from the inside, testing his loyalty. The game blends work simulation with stealth strategic gameplay as Kurt discovers his employer’s dark underbelly. You can play The Last Worker when it clocks in on PlayStation 5, PlayStation VR2 Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch and PC this Thursday.

Citizen Sleeper (Mar. 31)

Closing out this week is Citizen Sleeper. This is a role-playing game that sees you traverse the world of interplanetary capitalism. Developed by Jump Over The Age and published by Fellow Traveller, this unique title sees you play as an escaped worker, washed up on a lawless station at the edge of an interstellar society. With the flexibility and freedom of tabletop RPGs, this game lets you explore the station, choose your friends and carve your own destiny within this intergalactic dystopia.

Also like tabletop games, this charming title uses dice, clocks and drives. During each cycle, you use the dice you are dealt to make or break alliances, uncover truths and escape your hunters. While it first launched on other platforms last year, you can experience Citizen Sleeper this Friday on PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4.

What upcoming games will you be playing this week?

Overall, this is a really exciting week for gamers. From MLB The Show 23 to The Last of Us Part I, this week offers a lot of excitement. But what game are you most excited to play? As always, let us know what you think in the comments!

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