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Metal Canary, Dreamcast shmup, gets new trailer

‘Tis always a pleasure to see enterprising young fans of retro SEGA hardware pick up the mantle, get their (proverbial, unless their keyboards are gross) hands dirty and continue developing games for said consoles. A prime recent example is Intrepid Izzy, a charmingly eccentric platformer which we reviewed and thought was pretty alright. Now, the torch is being borne by Titan Games Studios, who are developing Metal Canary. It’s an upcoming shoot-em-up which can be popped right into your Dreamcast of old and booted up as if it were the early 2000s. Take me back, you wonderful geniuses, you.

Metal Canary has received a new trailer, then, and it lets gamers know what to expect from the title. Check it out below:

I can smell the aging plastic from here.

A small but nevertheless determined Portuguese team, Titan Games are enthusiastic in the description and comments. “This is small trailer of the game we are producing for the SEGA Dreamcast,” they proclaim somewhat humbly. “Everything is still a work in progress.” As for the game itself, it looks like your average top-down shooter of the day; the type to which Action 52 was inextricably, and infamously, married.

There’ll be a variety of characters and multiple acts to traverse, as well as four ‘dissrupting’ [sic] weapons to choose from. I can only assume that’s a spelling error, unless the weapons also throw shade at their opponents. Actually, the Dissruptor sounds like a fantastic gadget for the next Ratchet and Clank. Notice me, Insomniac.

The game is due out this winter, per the teaser. Will you be picking up Metal Canary? Or is one you’d rather send into the mines? Let us know!

Via, YouTube.

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