Kojima Production moves out of Tokyo office for places unknown

Hideo Kojima, legendary name behind Metal Gear Solid and Death Stranding, brought an air of mystery to his Twitter account again on Thursday. In his tweets, he posted pictures of the office building where Kojima Productions has spent the last five years. Located in Tokyo, the building was the location where Death Stranding, the first game for the company, was developed.

Kojima has been cryptic about what Kojima Productions is working on. He teased fans with a New Year’s tweet showing off never before seen characters. Along with the designs, he mentioned he was starting to work on “experimentation with a radical project.” Still no word as to what that is, although we continue to watch closely for any information.

Kojima’s New Year’s tweet shoed off new characters and raised immediate speculation as to who they are.

In addition to his new project, his studio opened a second location in Los Angeles in November 2021, housing a TV and film studio. Kojima also started a podcast in February, with talk about doing more radio. As the company branches out, there is likely more opportunity to see Kojima’s visions come to life.

Yesterday, he posted another picture of cherry blossoms in front of a Fujiya building. Since he has not revealed where Kojima Productions is relocating to, who knows if that too is a clue? Either way, check back here for updates as they come available.


Alicia Graves

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