IDW is publishing a new TMNT comic inspired by the 80s cartoon

The four-issue limited series, titled Saturday Morning Adventures, is spearheaded by Erik Burnham and Tim Lattie.

IDW Publishing has quickly become a king of modern Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles comics with its 11-year running series. The publisher has, to date, produced over 120 issues in the ongoing series. It also released several spinoffs such as the dark and brooding The Last Ronin. Now, IDW wants to go in the other direction with a new TMNT comic inspired by the 80s cartoon.

The comic, dubbed Saturday Morning Adventures, is a four-issue limited series based heavily on the 1987 TMNT series. With a script by Erik Burnham and art by Tim Lattie, it’s a love letter to the incredibly popular and beloved turtle-powered cartoon. Burnham couldn’t be happier to work on the project:

I’m no stranger to writing TMNT for IDW, but this is different. The version of the Turtles that exploded onto TV screens in 1987 was the version that I first met, and it brought me a lot of joy… and getting to play in this particular corner of the sandbox has built upon that joy! Humor, action, and plenty of high concepts were packed into each episode, and we’re following that path. I’m not sure if anyone in comics is having as much fun as Tim Lattie and I are with these done-in-one stories!

Erik Burnham, writer for Saturday Morning Adventures
TMNT 80s Cartoon

All about the new IDW TMNT comics

Saturday Morning Adventures takes huge inspiration from the cartoon. It takes both the aesthetics and tone and polishes it up for the modern era. The comic will go in wild directions with its story, with one storyline focusing on “one of General Krang’s stalwart stone soldiers abandoning their post in pursuit of hair-metal superstardom.”

Burnham and Lattie are no strangers to the 80s cartoon, having both grown up with it back in the day. Lattie explains:

Growing up in the late ’80s, nothing was like the experience of discovering TMNT: playing with the toys, watching the show, or waiting in a crowd with the hopes of getting a chance to try your luck at the arcade game. It’s rare enough in life to be able to do what you love for work, but to work on something you grew up loving is hard to comprehend.

Tim Lattie, artist for Saturday Morning Adventures

What do you think of this new TMNT comic by IDW? Will you be picking it up? Let us know!

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