Hyperstacks demo now available on Steam

Let loose your creative side!

VR action-puzzle Hyperstacks, developed and published by Squirrel Bytes, expects to release sometime in 2022 Q3/Q4. Until then, Squirrel Bytes now offers a chance to experience the game before you decide to go all-in: Hyperstacks now has a playable demo for the Steam VR Fest!

Hyperstacks offers endless fun

Hyperstacks is many things all in one package: an action-puzzle-platformer-sandbox VR game. The game allows you to explore your creative side as you immerse yourself in the VR world. With the level editor game, create different levels while also enjoying a vast amount of community content. As the game centers around community content, you’ll also be able to interact and play with other people.

Game features:

  • Level Editor
    • Create deadly levels in VR and interact with the community.
      A really easy-to-use VR level editor integrated with a complete in-game guide
      Create complex systems and create your own logic for unique patterns and behaviors.
    • Community-Based
    • Monthly-featured levels
  • Community ideas
    • Discord events
    • Contests for everything
    • Win cosmetics by getting your level upvoted
      Play unique creations from the community
  • Fierce combats
    • Melee and ranged combat
    • Crush your enemies with your own combat style
  • Full VR Movement
    • Move any direction even up or down
    • Show how skilled you are at speedrunning
  • Multiplayer (2023 Q1)
    • Play with or against your friends and create a level together
    • Compete against other players’ ghosts

Check out the demo!

Hyperstacks is currently in early access and has the demo available to play. The early access doesn’t include every future feature in the game, as they intend to add online cooperative and competitive after launch. Once multiplayer mode integrates, the game plans to leave early access.

Until then, be sure to check out the demo, which is currently available in nine different languages, including English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, and Korean. Let loose your creative side!

Erin Vieira

Writer, artist, cosplayer, D&D player, Final Fantasy lover, and Bayonetta enthusiast Erin Vieira says that although they were born amongst mortals, someday they will exist as an unknown entity of the void. There will still be video games there, of course.
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