Humankind releases today, receives favorable reviews on Metacritic

Is Humankind the Civ Killer?

Amplitude Studios and SEGA‘S 4X strategy game Humankind is available today. And the reviews are already coming in.

As of yesterday, 25 video game critics took to Metacritic to give their take on the new game. Humankind received generally favorable reviews across the board. Only four critics gave mixed reviews. The current overall score for Humankind on Metacritic is 80.

One common theme amongst the critical reviews is the comparison to its rival game Civilization. As both titles are historical 4X strategy games, the comparison is fair. Matt Hewson from Player2 notes in his review that although Humankind shares many elements with its largest competitor, the ability to assimilate various historical cultures makes Amplitude’s title really stand out as a unique alternative.

Some critics argue, however, that this feature isn’t quite enough to really separate Humankind from Civ. Edie W-K from Checkpoint Gaming mentions in her review that many features in the game are too similar to Sid Meier’s title. One notable example she gives is that the units and buildings have nearly identical functions in both games.

One consensus amongst the reviews is that Humankind is not only a fun and rewarding experience for fans of the 4X strategy genre, but it is also a great gateway game for new players. Those who are familiar with the genre will likely feel at home with its similar mechanics to Civ. And all the features are explained well enough that even new players can catch on quickly.

Humankind is available to play now on PC. It can be purchased through both Steam and the Epic Games Store. It is also available to play on PC through Xbox Game Pass. You can watch the trailer below.

Humankind official trailer

Via Metacritic

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