Humankind latest trailer focuses on battle mechanics

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Back in 2019, SEGA and Amplitude announced a new turn-based strategy game called Humankind. The gameplays in the same vein as Civilization; In this game, players manage their civilization across six pivotal moments in human history.

Thanks to SEGA’s acquisition of Amplitude Studios, the studio considers this game to be their magnum opus. The title builds upon their previous work in Endless Legend. In their latest trailer, fans get a closer look at the battle mechanics.

Here’s their official description:

In Humankind, sometimes you’ll have to go to war. In this Feature Focus video, we discuss battle mechanics and battle management. Take a closer look into how battles work…and what sets them apart from other strategy titles.

Check out the trailer above! Humankind is scheduled for release on PC April 22nd, 2021.

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