Humankind is crowned as August’s best-selling game on PC

Strategy game Humankind became August's leader for PC games.

The NPD Group just announced two days ago that Humankind is the best-selling PC exclusive game for August.

SEGA and Amplitude Studios’ 4X strategy game placed fourth on the overall sales chart. The only three games that topped Humankind in overall sales are Call of Duty: Black Ops: Cold War, Ghost of Tsushima and Madden NFL 22. In addition, The NPD Group states that Humankind is the best-selling PC strategy game since last year’s Crusader Kings III.

The NPD Group is a market research company that collects a wide range of consumer data. Their work helps other companies measure, predict and improve their overall performance across a variety of channels.

Humankind’s success is great news not only for fans of that game in particular, but also for fans of the 4X strategy genre as a whole. Companies pay close attention to market research tools like what The NPD Group provides. Because of this, there will likely be no shortage of strategy games any time soon.

Another element that makes the sales of Humankind so impressive is its release date. The release date of August 17 was over halfway through the reported month. Because of that, the data truly points to the high demand for quality 4X strategy games in the PC gaming market.

It will be that much more interesting now to see how Humankind’s sales fare in the month of September. Have you played Humankind yet? Let us know what you think about it down below.

Via Venture Beat

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