Humankind Día de los Muertos Event extended due to progression issues

The event will now run through December 21.

Amplitude announced yesterday on Steam that they will extend the Día de los Muertos Event for Humankind through December 21.

The decision follows a number of reports from players complaining about losing progress in certain challenges. Specifically, Amplitude notes that the Civil Evolution and Necropolis challenges have a bug that’s causing players to lose their progress.

In addition, some players reported glitches that occur after completing all the challenges. Multiple players were able to unlock Catrina but were not able to use the Avatar.

After looking into the issues, Amplitude states they discovered how to fix them. Unfortunately, however, they add that they cannot deliver the patch until mid December.

As a result, they decided to extend the Día de los Muertos Event. By doing this, Amplitude hopes that players will have time to make progress both before and after they launch the update.

We know it may be a bit strange to have a Day of the Dead event running in December, but we want to make sure you’ve had a chance to complete the challenges in spite of the technical issues.

The Amplitude Team

They continue to state that anyone who participated in the event before the patch will receive the rewards as soon as the update launches. After the patch releases, Humankind will restore the normal challenge tracking. Amplitude hopes this will give players a new opportunity to participate in the challenge with normal progression.

Amplitude ends their statement by adding that they plan to provide new opportunities for players to earn Catrina and other rewards in the future. Aside from the broad release window of mid December, there is no other word on the exact day the update will launch. Have you encountered any of the progression glitches in Humankind? Let us know below!

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