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Holy sweet Godiva! Retro SEGA magazines archived online

Ok so this news might be old for some of you out there – but I have only  just been informed of this pretty awesome online archive of old magazines – so please forgive me if you already know about this. But hopefully some of you will have been in the dark and this post will enlighten you. has a small selection of classic UK videogame magazines up on its site for all to download and peruse to your heart’s content. We are talking about some awesome SEGA magazines that I grew up with as a kid, such as: Mean Machines SEGA, S the SEGA Magazine, SEGA Pro, Mega Tech, Mega Drive Advanced Gaming, Mega, DC-UK, Dreamcast Magazine and Official Saturn Magazine.

Plus there’s others on the site, such as Nintendo Magazine and Computer and Video Games (and a few more). One thing I’m shocked about is just how many Mega Drive magazines were on sale in the UK at the same time, plus all the multi-platform ones.

Anyway, the unfortunate thing is that not every issue of every magazine is available on the Out of Print Archive website – but the Official Saturn Magazine seems to have the most – nearly all the issues are available to download, which really brings back some memories for me.

Even if you aren’t from the UK, I would recommend checking out the Official Saturn Magazine archive at least – partly because towards the end of the Official Saturn Magazine’s life, the publication started to focus more on the launch of the Dreamcast – as support for the Saturn started to dwindle.

It’s a really awesome step back into history, seeing what the editors wrote about for the upcoming 128-bit system and what they predicted for its future.

[Special thanks: Seb De Latour, via Email]


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