Here are screens and everything we know about Yakuza Ishin

Since SEGA announced Yakuza Ishin a few days ago, we’ve been dying to know what the game looks like. After the below screens were released today, we can say we’re definitely a lot more excited about the game than we were before. It looks fantastic!

What’s more, Famitsu published an interview with series director Toshihiro Nagoshi, and it provided a lot more information about what exactly Yakuza Ishin is going to be. According to Polygon’s translation, the game will be a side story and set in the 19th century. It follows the story of Sakamoto Ryoma, who was a real person and a member of a samurai clan in the Tosa fiefdom. “Frustrated by the strict caste system in his homeland, Ryoma and his friend Takechi Hanpeita formed a political group that aimed to reform the government and resist the rapid Westernization then taking place in Japan,” Polygon wrote. “His main foe in the game: Saito Hajime, leader of the Shinsengumi group of samurai loyal to the shogunate.”

The game’s producer and writer Masayoshi Yokoyama said, “It’s not that the era itself was attractive to us so much as the people involved with it trigger stories in our minds. I wanted to build a story this time around Sakamoto Ryoma, who’s this really attention-grabbing character in history, but really there’s such a vast amount of people involved with this era. You have hardline traditional samurai, you have people trying to create a whole new era for themselves, and you have others turning their eyes toward other countries. Trying to build a coherent story that brought all of these people together is a real challenge.”

Earlier today, Yokoyama wrote the below tweet, signifying that additional information will be released Aug. 29!


This roughly translates to: “Who is Nan’yaku, What kind of story? Since I think information like that is, be able to tell next week or later, please expect a lot! Also blitz PS released the 29th, thank you!”

The game’s official website can be found here.

Chris Powell

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