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Halo Infinite will reward you with bonus XP for your first 6 matches daily

Is Halo Infinite's battle pass progression system combat evolved or combat devolved?

343 Industries’ John Junyszek announced major changes to Halo Infinite’s progression system around midnight on Twitter.

Junyszek states that he and the rest of 343 took notice of players’ frustrations regarding the battle pass progression system. Originally, players could not earn any XP through playing matches alone. Instead, the only way to earn XP was through challenges. Although 343 implemented the “play one game” challenge that rewards players 50XP each time, the progression system remained slow.

As a result, Junyszek announced another player progression update that hopes to further address the issue. The new update increases the XP payout for players’ first six matches every day. The first match rewards players a high bonus XP payout before gradually decreasing over the next few matches. On match 7, XP defaults back to the original 50 per game. Junyszek further outlines the bonus XP system in his Tweet.

Junyszek goes onto say that 343 Industries will continue to monitor the feedback from Halo Infinite’s community and make further changes accordingly. In addition, he states that the studio is committed to making even larger changes to the game. However, he adds that these will take time.

Community Reactions

Halo Infinite fans, however, have divided opinions regarding the newly implemented bonus XP. In the comments of Junyszek’s post, some fans argue that the bonus XP isn’t enough. One suggestion is for 343 to implement a system that rewards players five to ten XP per kill and objective completion.

Others argue this would be too much and make reaching tier 100 too easy. The counterargument addresses that for a battle pass intended to last six months, progression should remain slow.

The bonus XP update for Halo Infinite arrives today. What do you think? Is this the needed change for the progression system? Or will getting XP still feel painstakingly slow? Let us know what you think in the comments!

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