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Halo Infinite will launch long-awaited campaign mode in early December

With a December 8th release date, Halo Infinite will soon have an expansive open world-styled campaign, unlike players of the series have ever seen.

For those confused, Halo Infinite launched as a multiplayer beta focused on Arena PvP and Big Team Battle mode. With the full release and campaign scheduled for later. Now that development is finished, Microsoft dropped a new trailer a few hours ago. It revealed more of the story’s premise, some of the explosive gameplay to expect, and highlights Master Chief in a series of episodic cutscenes against the Banished.

Halo Infinite Campaign Trailer Tweet

Following the events of Halo 5: GuardiansHalo Infinite will continue Master Chief’s story but will also switch up the linear missions in favor of massive sandbox levels with many objectives to tackle. Far Cry and Assassin’s Creed fans will be very familiar with seeing enemy base markers on the map and the plethora of side objectives like minibosses, rescue missions, and rare weaponry in Halo Infinite. As a player progresses through the narrative, various locales will unlock in the world of Zeta Halo, further implying a far bigger scale than older Halo games.

343 Industries even described that several levels would explore dynamic gameplay elements. Such as weather and day/night cycle that alters enemy behaviors and patrol paths. Not just that, though, enemies’ equipment can change based on Master Chief’s loadout – raising the bar for potentially challenging content.

All that and more are on the way, but will you be picking up Halo Infinite on Dec. 8th? Let us know!   

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