Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes launches on Switch

"The cycle of this world... I will not allow it to perish with you."

Return to Fódlan in the newest release of Nintendo’s Dynasty Warriors-inspired game. Featuring all the characters from the original Fire Emblem: Three Houses, command armies and fight your foes in the new spin-off. You may even find yourself face-to-face with the protagonist of the original game… as an enemy. Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes releases today, June 24, 2022.

Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes story and features

The spin-off of Fire Emblem: Three Houses, Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes takes place during the “timeskip” period from Three Houses. Three Houses is split into two parts—the first where you attend the Officers Academy of Garreg Mach Monastery, and the second where war has broken out between the three nations. In between those events stands a “timeskip” the player never gets to see, which is where Three Hopes picks up.

However, the game diverges from its predecessor, turning its protagonist, Byleth the “Ashen Demon,” into the antagonist. Much like the first game, Three Hopes splits up into three different routes: Scarlet Blaze, Azure Gleam, and Golden Wildfire. Leading up to the game’s release, Nintendo revealed the timeskip designs for each character in their respective houses. The game also features new characters such as Shez, a mercenary on a mission to fell the “Ashen Demon”, and Arval, a mysterious white-robed being.

  • Black Eagles (Scarlet Blaze)
The Black Eagles house from the Adrestian Empire
  • Blue Lions (Azure Gleam)
The Blue Lions house from the Holy Kingdom of Faerghus
  • Golden Deer (Golden Wildfire)
The Golden Deer house from the Leicester Alliance

Game features:

  • Revisit a war-torn Fódlan and engage in massive battles.
  • Unleash devastating combos and striking special moves in action-packed, real-time combat.
  • Utilize and upgrade your weapons to defeat foes across the land.
  • Strengthen bonds with other characters in and out of battle.
  • Align with a leader to build and command an army in strategic 1-vs.-1,000-style battles.
  • The house you choose will bring you through one of three compelling stories, each with a different outcome.

How much is it?

Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes releases today, June 24, 2022, on the Nintendo Switch. Pick up your copy for $59.99, unless you already pre-ordered and are impatiently waiting for it to arrive at your house like me. Additionally, if you’re not sold on buying it, you can check out the demo via the Nintendo store. Pick your route by joining Edelgard (the best one, obviously), Dimitri, or Claude, and start discovering an all new story in Fódlan.

*We give our respects to the friends and family of Billy Kametz, the voice actor of Ferdinand von Aegir in his final video game role.

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