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Final Fantasy XIV development team suggests new area expansion

Meracydia may be opening up for players in an upcoming expansion.

Players of Final Fantasy XIV can look forward to new upcoming expansions in the game. After the success of Endwalker, the development team’s been hard at work. The Final Fantasy XIV development team suggests they’ll be opening up an area currently inaccessible to the game. They plan for the area to jump off from the story contents of Endwalker.

Final Fantasy XIV development team statements

There may be a new area for players to explore in future game updates, one you might’ve already heard of: Meracydia. Within the Final Fantasy XIV development team, Lead Scenario Designer Natsuko Ishikawa notes she included a specific line in order to draw players into a new area. Producer Naoki Yoshia backed this up, saying that although Zodiark and Hydaelyn’s story came to a close in the most recent DLC, there’s still more to be told.

But most exciting of all is what Lead Scenario Designer Banri Oda had to say:

There is another continent players haven’t had the chance to visit. When preparing for Endwalker, I drew an entire map of the world because I had to prepare for a scene of a certain character looking up from the Moon.

Because of the MMORPG style of game, a new adventure is always in store for the player, Oda adds. Meracydia, the unexplored area, currently stands as inaccessible to the player. It seems like new plans are to change that.

Thanks to the impact Endwalker carries, Yoshida noted the story scale wasn’t necessarily going to increase with every new DLC. They plan to use Endwalker as a catalyst for the content in Meracydia instead.

The following quote contains FFXIV spoilers:

There are many different shards after all, and if we decide to pull from the multiverse, anything is possible… In previous Final Fantasy titles we’ve fought against the “void” and “nothingness,” so the possibilities are endless. However, since we fought against the manifestation of despair, I don’t believe the next antagonist should necessarily have to one-up the previous one. Or that the story has to have a larger scale. Zenos brought the player back to their “adventurer” roots in that final scene, and I think we should focus more on that aspect.

We’ll have to wait and see

After the release of the Endwalker expansion, Final Fantasy XIV hit all-time highs. In fact, so much so that the servers became congested and Square Enix temporarily had to remove it from stores. With how insanely popular this MMORPG has been, it’s great to see they’re still planning new content for it. While no release date has been set for a new expansion, the team teases it’s in the works.

Via, Siliconera.

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