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Final Fantasy X and X-2 producer share memories on the unique titles

"I think that the style perfected here helped to establish the look of future Final Fantasy games."

Final Fantasy X and X-2 were monumental trailblazers for Square Enix and continue to stand high in personal rankings in the fanbase. And recently, producer Yoshinori Kitase shared memories about the choices and challenges that swayed their final look.

From being the first FF in full 3D to introducing new presentations and battle systems – Final Fantasy X paved the way for X-2 and future games. Also, it helped push PlayStation 2 system limitations and offer originality that has been maintained throughout the series since.

Final Fantasy X Tidus in Zanarkand

Key choices in Final Fantasy X and X-2

After the steampunk worlds of Final Fantasy VII and VIII, the FFX team wanted to depart from superficial technology. Spira would become the setting – inspired by “Asian [aesthetics]” and conceived under art director Yusuke Naora. And eventually, they had to choose either a higher resolution or more colors for FFX because of PS2 limitations. The big decision resulted in a “high-res” Final Fantasy the likes that no one had ever seen before.

Following that choice, the classic Active Time Battle (ATB) transformed into a turn-based system akin to Front Mission. Characters became valuable versus certain enemy types, soon involving the Sphere Grid that allowed further customization and revamped character progression. Most of this carried over to Final Fantasy X-2 but introduced dress spheres for quick job swaps, such as Thief to White Mage to fit battle needs.

Final Fantasy X-2 Battle

Kitase’s wish

“One new feature that [Kitase] was personally very passionate about” was the inclusion of voice acting for a mainline FF. For years, iconic characters of past titles were voiceless. Kitase even states that some scenes would have “been even more emotional if there had been voice acting included.” And that became the driving force for its start, allowing the main cast to come on set together for sessions that created natural performances. In retrospect, one man’s push for voice acting set the stage for so many impactful moments that fans recall throughout their childhood or teenage years. I know I do.

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Via: PlayStation.Blog

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