Final Fantasy VII Remake Integrade coming to PC

“Let us defy destiny together.”

The remake of the well-loved role-playing game Final Fantasy VII by Square Enix will finally be coming to PC. Originally a PlayStation exclusive, non PlayStation users can experience the game on their PC with the enhanced Final Fantasy VII: Remake Integrade.

Final Fantasy VII Remake Integrade— what’s included?

Both longtime Final Fantasy fans and casual gamers likely recognize the iconic Final Fantasy VII. With its original release in 1997, the game received critical acclaim and expanded into various different games, movies, and products. Even if you don’t love Final Fantasy as much as myself, you’d likely recognize the iconic theme of Sephiroth. The greatest villain of all time, of course.

Sephiroth in the announcement trailer

The original game saw new love with its exclusive PlayStation release in April 2020. Its remake completely reworked the gameplay, graphics, and even some aspects of the story. If you didn’t get the opportunity to pick it up on PS4 or PS5, now is the time: Final Fantasy VII Remake Integrade comes to PC very soon.

“Integrade” has a few different things added on. Players of the original version will recognize Yuffie Kisaragi, who joins the party later on in the game. While the remake has yet to reach up to that point in the story, Yuffie gets her own side adventure with Integrade. Infiltrating the Shinra corporation to steal materia (classic Yuffie), she works to restore the glory of her homeland. Additionally, Integrade also includes visual updates and performance to the game—at least for its PS5 next-gen upgrade. Now, all of this will be available on PC.

PC announcement trailer

When will PC users get to experience the remake?

Final Fantasy VII Remake Integrade arrives on PC December 16th, 2021. The game will be available on the Epic Games Store. Those who never had the chance to play the remake on PlayStation finally have the chance to. Or, if you’re like me, you didn’t get the opportunity to play the Integrade add-on because you only have a PS4. Either way, lovers of Final Fantasy won’t want to miss out on the PC version of the remake.

Erin Vieira

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