Final Fantasy 14 producer asks players to stop trolling

That’s enough of setting fireworks off on your opponent’s body.

Naoki Yoshida doesn’t want your troll-ish behaviors in Final Fantasy XIV. The game’s new 5v5 PvP mode, Crystalline Conflict, released April 12 with the Endwalker patch. Crystalline Conflict acts as a PvP mode, with casual and ranked matches both available. Players experience 5 minute matches in 3 different arenas: the Palaistra, the Volcanic Heart, and Cloud Nine. Only two weeks after that release, the producer and director of Final Fantasy XIV had to step up and stop this foolishness.

What players have been up to

As people began playing the mode and exhibiting bad behavior, Naoki Yoshida stepped up saying they were receiving “an unprecedented number of reports concerning uncooperative/lethargic or taunting behavior during matches.” He followed up with a statement regarding uncooperative and lethargic behavior:

All PvP content, including Crystalline Conflict, is intended to be a battle/contest of skill between players. Participants must bring their best to the fight, and for this reason uncooperative or lethargic behavior is prohibited. Let’s strive to do our best even in situations where defeat is imminent, regardless of whether or not you’re interested in the rewards.

What the Final Fantasy 14 producer really highlights in his post is regarding the activities players need to stop indulging in.

Prohibited activities:

  • Repeatedly using the Quick Chat phrase “Nice job!” during a disadvantageous situation
  • Repeatedly using the Quick Chat phrase “Good match!” before the outcome of the match has even been decided
  • Excessively repeating a particular Quick Chat phrase
  • Persistently placing a negative target marker on another ally player
  • Using and repeating an emote on top of a downed opponent
  • Setting off fireworks on top of a downed opponent
  • Using Tell or other methods to directly harass/criticize a player outside of a duty after a match has ended
  • Slandering other players through means outside of the game, such as social media

Players using taunting, sarcastic phrases like “nice job” aren’t exactly unheard of in any PvP games. Setting fireworks off on your downed opponent is, admittedly, kinda funny. Then again, I play League of Legends, so I’d like to think I’ve seen the worst of the worst when it comes to trolls. However, the FFXIV community considers itself to be good-natured. Many people do not want this behavior in their game, which is completely understandable.

Final Fantasy 14 producer says no

The Final Fantasy 14 producer reminds players that temporary suspension exists, and repeated violations may result in a permanent ban. Take this producer’s words to heart and go to PvP to test your skills, not how much you can tilt your opponent.

Read his full statement here.

Via, PCGamer.

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