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Fans and collectors worry over Starfield pre-order cancellations

Did the pre-orders get lost in space?

With pre-orders being commonplace in the gaming sphere, it’s natural that when a highly anticipated or talked about franchise comes out with another game that people will want to get it as soon as possible. This is no different for Starfield, the space fairing RPG by Bethesda Studios. Given the nature of Bethesda games they all come with massive special editions. But some people are having concerns that their needs will not be met.

Order not found?

On a recent Reddit thread a user posted that their pre-order was looking a bit shaky. And this prompted a response from many other users claiming the same thing. They would pre-order the game, and then weeks after the fact they would get a notice showing suspicious activity.

The product and question is the Starfield: Constellation Edition. The physical edition of this game would come with the base game, the expansion packs when they release, access to in game items and more. You would also get a special edition Starfield Chronomark watch,  a highly detailed case, a steelbooks display case for the game, and a constellation patch.

While the game itself would be easy to fulfill, these special editions often cost hundreds of dollars. Everybody wants the cool collectible or special edition perks associated with it. And it does pain me to say it’s not uncommon for people to pre-order a special edition only to find out they weren’t one of the lucky few. Sometimes all it takes is a few seconds within the first minutes of something being announced to miss out.

It’s on the way!

Some people have said that this isn’t a total loss, as other games have also been suffering from this phenomenon. Various other games with special editions have also claimed to be showing up without messages. Sadly this isn’t enough, as some users have spoken with their distributor of choice for more answers. And unfortunately there’s no good answer. It seems to be luck of the draw or a toss-up whether or not these people will get their pre-ordered purchase, or if they will simply be refunded the price.

Until actual release day, we won’t really know for sure. Despite what anyone says, whether their order is secure or not, no one will actually know until the games and their additions are shipped out.

Starfield launches on September 6 2023, with the special editions being shipped out on the same day. Starfield will be available on Xbox Series X/S and PC.

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