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Dragon Quest X’s offline version launches this September

These days, mobile games based on popular gaming IPs have become increasingly common. That is, after all, where the money is, according to the big-bux studios. Mario, Sonic, Pokemon, assorted JRPGs; if it’s on Wikipedia’s page for best-selling video game franchises, you can reasonably bet there’s a smartphone tie-in of variable quality available for “free”. However, it’s easy to forget that before these times, the go-to standard for an always-online entry in a beloved franchise was the MMORPG. On PCs.

You know, the machines for accessing the internet that you couldn’t fit in your pocket? One such game from this era is Dragon Quest X, the tenth mainline entry in Square Enix’s long running slime-slaying series. Drawing acclaim for its migration of familiar elements to an MMORPG environment, until now it’d been impossible to play the title offline. But, courtesy of a dedicated upcoming offline version, those prayers (all five of them) will at last be answered.

Dragon Quest X release date

And we even have a release date. Per Gematsu, “Dragon Quest X: Rise of the Five Tribes Offline will launch for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Switch, and PC via Steam on September 15 in Japan, publisher Square Enix and developer B.B. Studio announced.” That ain’t all, either. The large-scale expansion “downloadable content, Dragon Quest X: The Sleeping Hero and the Guiding Ally Offline,” has been delayed “from its previously planned fall 2022 release window to spring 2023.” The news, she comes thick and fast, no?

Have a gander at the fancy schmancy new trailer all these bombshells were dropped in below:

Whenever I see an ‘X’ my inner Kingdom Hearts fan shudders. This title shall be known as that of a recusant.

Though a Western date is not forthcoming, and the trailer is almost all in Japanese (kanji readers, we need you) it’s probably a safe assumption we’ll be getting it over here sooner or later. Patience, my children.

Are you a fan of Dragon Quest? Will you be revisiting this beloved slice of the series’ history? Let us know!

Via, Gematsu.

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