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Disney & Marvel GAMES SHOWCASE announced for D23 Expo 2022

The D23 Expo is the “ultimate Disney fan event.” It happens soon, in less than a month on September 9, 10, and 11 in the Anaheim Convention Center. The expo boasts livestreams, special panels and presentations, interactive storytelling, and more. Recently, Disney announced their plans to highlight the Disney & Marvel GAMES SHOWCASE at D23 Expo on September 9, 2022.

Disney & Marvel Games Showcase

According to the official expo website, expect “incredible new content” from Marvel Games, Lucasfilm Games, Disney & Pixar Games, and 20th Century Games. More excitingly, expect new reveals from these game titles:

Additionally, they tease a sneak peak at an upcoming “Marvel ensemble game,” currently untitled, from Skydance New Media. With this peek, maybe we’ll get a better idea at who exactly the ensemble consists of.

I want to go!

Tickets to the D23 expo are all sold out, so if you were hoping to go, you may be out of luck. With the event so close, ebay may be your only option. However, for this specific showcase, you don’t even need a badge to check it out! The Disney & Marvel GAMES SHOWCASE streams live from the expo on multiple patterns on September 9, 1pm PT/4pm ET.

Check it out on these platforms:

People actually on the show floor get to watch the showcase on the Premier Stage, including a presentation with special guests, developer interviews, and giveaways. Even if you can’t participate in that, you can still check out the showcase from the comfort of your own home. And really, sometimes that’s the better option.

Information about all the events at D23 Expo is still coming, so keep an eye on their official website for more news.

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