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Discotek is re-releasing Virtua Fighter: The Animated Series

If you don’t know Discotek Media as a retro fan, you should get to know them. They do excellent re-releases of old anime and cartoon series to Blu-Ray. Every release is done with craft and care to the original source while adding a plethora of features that are always great for fans. And they just announced a re-release that will get SEGA fans’ attention.

The company confirmed that they are doing an SD-BD release of Virtua Fighter: The Animated Series! The set will come with all 35 episodes subbed, plus the vintage dub of the first 24 episodes. You can check out the announcement tweet below with more features below.

I’m going to show I’m the young one on our staff, but I wasn’t even aware there was a Virtua Fighter animated series. But to see this, now I am curious to watch it. Discotek has done a masterful job in remastering these older titles for Blu-Ray. For example, I have the one they did for Adventures Of Sonic The Hedgehog, and it’s fantastic. Fans of the show know this release is in great hands.

Discotek has not given a release date or pre-order link for the set. We will update readers when those are made available. What do you think about Virtua Fighter: The Animated Series getting a re-release? Are you planning to pick it up? Let us know in the comments below!

Via Discotek Media

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