Digital Foundry asks: is Breath of the Wild 2 too big for Switch?

With the delay of Breath of the Wild 2, many people are wondering if the game will simply be too powerful for the Switch to run.

Every once in a while, rumors start circulating again about the “Switch Pro.” With the Nintendo Switch’s release in 2017 giving it a current 5 years, now would technically be the time for Nintendo to make another console switch. This also brings questions of how new games function on the Switch’s software, including the delayed Breath of the Wild 2. Will Breath of the Wild 2 be too big for the Switch? Over at Digital Foundry, their team says no, it won’t.

Digital Foundry comments

In a weekly discussion with the Digital Foundry team, they discussed the question: is Breath of the Wild 2 too big for Nintendo Switch? “We don’t think so,” the team proclaims. With the new game footage, many people noted just how smooth it looks. Some are questioning if it’s too smooth for the current generation Switch, hence the spurred rumors.

“Best case scenario, this is going to be a cross-generation game, similar to the first Breath of the Wild.”

Last week, Digital Foundry discussed how in the new trailer, the game “appeared to be rendering at a higher resolution.” What they meant by that was that the game simply looks better than many other Switch games, not that it couldn’t actually be on the Switch. 

“It’s coming out on Switch. They’ve announced it’s coming out on Switch. We’re not saying it’s “too big” or even that it can’t be run on Switch. It’s coming out on Switch. But, that footage, looks really, really clean… it doesn’t look like a Switch game, but it could be a pre-render. I don’t think Nintendo would accidentally mistakenly put out Switch Pro footage just because.”

Breath of the Wild 2 will probably be on the Switch

Digital Foundry still believes there’s potential for a cross-generation game if a Switch Pro comes out. With how well the Switch continues to sell, it wouldn’t make much sense for Nintendo to release another version of it right now. Breath of the Wild 2 may push the Switch to its limits, but it seems like the game plans to be on there regardless.

Via, Nintendo Life.

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