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Cyber Lancer is a Virtual-On-inspired arcade shooter

Pilot the hyper-advanced, mechanized assault suit: Cyberlancer today!

Yesterday, independent game platform shared footage of Cyber Lancer, a new arcade-style shooter inspired by Saturn classic Virtual-On. Cyber Lancer lets you gear up in hyper-advanced mechanized assault suit as you blast through waves of enemies. Throughout the game, players will enjoy a progression system that lets you purchase and upgrade more powerful weapons to shoot toward your foes. You can also check out the gameplay for yourself below.

Cyber Lancer gameplay

One of the key features you’ll notice right away about the game is its SEGA Saturn-inspired graphics. The developers masterfully crafted a game that accurately recreates the visuals of games you would find on a Saturn console.

Apart from the graphics, the indie title works as a love letter to Virtual On in its gameplay as well. From the mecha suit you gear up in to the rooftop you fight on, the game wears its inspiration on its sleeve. Even the HUD looks reminiscent of the classic title.

Independent game developer Ian Williams headed the small team responsible for Cyber Lancer. Along with Williams, solo developers Modus Interactive and Warkus collaborated on its development. In addition, Viktor Kraus provided the music, and Pokop Pokopson contributed the voice acting.

The team put this title together as part of this year’s MechJam. For those unaware, MechJam is an annual jam for creating games about… you guessed it, mechs! If mechs are your thing, you’ll definitely also want to check out some of the other games developers made for the jam as well.

For those who want to play Cyber Lancer, the game is available for free on itch. io! Have you played Cyber Lancer? What do you think about the arcade game? As always, let us know what you think in the comments!

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