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Company of Heroes 3 might come to PS5 and Xbox Series X/S

A Taiwan Rating system lists the game for consoles

World War II may be getting bigger. A Taiwan-based rating board has classified the anticipated RTS Company of Heroes 3 for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S. If confirmed to be true, this marks the first time the award-winning RTS makes its way to consoles. This classification may bring the game to millions of players around the world.

News outlet GameSpot reports the news with further details regarding this finding. The Taiwan Digital Game Rating Committee has rated Company of Heroes 3 for Xbox Series X/S and PlayStation 5. The listing makes no mention of PlayStation 4 or Xbox One. Additionally, the classification does not mention Steam Deck or Nintendo Switch. Company of Heroes 3 was delayed to 2023. It is possible this is the cause. The previous two installments, Company of Heroes and Company of Heroes 2, were never ported to consoles. The two games were ported to iOS and Android devices.

Company of Heroes 3 was originally slated for launch on November 17th, exclusively for PC. On October 4th, it was delayed for release to February 23 2023. A blog post from General Manager Justin Doweswell elaborated on the delay, “We want to deliver the biggest and most immersive game in our franchise‚Äôs history, which means we need a bit more time for bug fixing, balancing, and polishing to ensure our players have a fantastic experience at launch.”

A seasoned history

The original Company of Heroes released on PC in 2006, at the height of World War II themed games. At the time, Call of Duty was still storming the beaches and EA’s Medal of Honor franchise was going strong. TV shows like HBO’s Band of Brothers and The Pacific, were pop culture sensations. Company of Heroes made a huge impact on he gaming scene. This was a World War II game that wasn’t a shooter but instead a strategy game requiring wit and quick-thinking.

Company of Heroes 2 released in Summer of 2013. The sequel received positive feedback. However, some note it felt more like an expansion pack than a sequel. The game almost didn’t happen as parent company THQ began to dissolve. SEGA acquired the rights as well as Relic Entertainment in 2013. Since then, many other RTS’s have taken over, from Sudden Strike 4 to Shadow Tactics: Blade of the Shogun.

Victory at all costs!

Having played it at Pax West this year, I came away impressed and very satisfied with Company of Heroes 3. I had played a skirmish map, facing Rommel’s forces with the British in the deserts of North Africa. The demo for the game was enthralling. Seeing the battle unfolds and observing the little details was incredible. There were many feats in the demo. Moments were incredible, such as fighting armored vehicles with grenades. These are just some of the things that I witnessed during my playthrough of the game. A member of the team stated they wanted to make the game a return to the roots. The goal is to create something memorable and familiar for fans but also incredible new for newcomers.

Company of Heroes 3 launches for PC, and hopefully console, in February 2023.

Via GameSpot

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