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Check out the newest Scathe devlog and Steam demo!

Lock 'n' load, enforcers!

Yesterday, publisher Kwalee released a new studio devlog and PC demo for their upcoming first-person shooter Scathe.

The publisher released the new devlog and demo as part of the BiliBili Game Charging Festival in China. In the devlog, Chris Dawson, co-founder and lead developer at Damage State, provides new details on some of the game’s special abilities. These Dark Magic items come from ancient relics, which you can find throughout the game.

Scathe Devlog #2

One of the most useful relics you can uncover is the Healing Relic. Players can use this item to collect the souls of fallen demons. These demon souls possess powerful healing abilities, highly useful to surviving in the Labyrinth.

In addition, Dawson reveals a powerful Dark Magic item players can use to vanquish their foes. Using Crush, you can pulverize demons into a mist of blood with a simple fist clench. Another Dark Magic power in the game, the Cold Hand of Death, freezes demons in ice.

About Scathe: big guns and even bigger demons

Scathe is an all new bullet-hell FPS developed by Damage State and published by Kwalee. The game places you into the role of Scathe, the enforcer of the legions of Hell. Forged from the Earth by the Divine Creator, you must prove your worth by navigating a Hellish Labyrinth populated by imposing demons.

Some of the game’s key features include:

  • ESCAPE THE MAZE: Your task is simple; collect the Hellstones and escape the maze. Choose your own path by navigating expertly handcrafted zones – each filled with danger around every corner. Collect runes, uncover secrets, and smite all that stand in your way.
  • BULLET HELLScathe is no ordinary FPS… Take on relentless bullet Hell fuelled combat, with deadly projectiles and countless demons at every turn. Utilise Scathe’s incredible speed to smash through your enemies and incoming fire.
  • LOCK’N UNLOAD: Rip through your enemies with Scathe’s insanely powerful arsenal of weapons, each equipped with a devastating secondary fire. Spew hellfire with the Hot Hatch or slice through endless evil with the Bow Blade.
  • DROP IN/DROP OUT ONLINE MULTIPLAYERScathe will support full crossplay online multiplayer where players can drop-in and drop-out at any time. Already lost deep within the labyrinth? Call upon up to three friends to join the fight. But choose your kin wisely, because in Scathe, everyone shares the same pool of lives.

Enter bullet-Hell now before it’s unleashed in August

Back in February, Kwalee unleashed the first playable demo on Steam. As part of Steam Next Fest, from February 21-28, players could test out an early version of the game. Now, a new, updated public demo is available to download on Steam!

The full game releases on August 31, 2022 for PC. The game will also come to PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4 and Xbox Series X/S sometime early next year.

Are you ready to grab your Hell Hammer and annihilate some demons? As always, share your thoughts with us in the comments!

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