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Chao apparel and accessories headed to the SEGA Shop

Chao chao chao? Chao chao, chao Chao chao, chao chao chao chao chao chao! Chao chao!

Oh, ahem, sorry. Didn’t mean to lapse into the Chao language for that opening sentence. Allow me to translate: did you hear? Chao apparel, and Chao accessories, are coming to the SEGA shop! For real! (Speaking the language requires abject, childlike enthusiasm – although luckily the word ‘Chao’ itself is the same as it is in English. All very intricate stuff).

Yep, those cheery blue puffballs of eternal suffering, borne of being chucked about their gardens and being made to participate in gruelling deathmatch races, are now facing a new form of torture: getting shrunk down to pocket size for unfeeling consumers to purchase. Sonic‘s name may be on the cover, but he ain’t the blue creature going through all the pain. As NintendoWire reports, the SEGA shop is getting a fresh wave of merch based on the critters, ranging from keychains to socks to tote bags. Have a gander at below selection of promotional images:

Not pictured: the T-shirt featuring the image of the trampled Chao corpses from Sonic Adventure.

In recent years, the company has begun to acknowledge the Adventure era of the Blue Blur’s back catalogue to a much greater degree, pleasing fans of that particular historical stretch. That naturally includes the Chao, who have popped up repeatedly in a variety of spinoffs and products, even if we’re seemingly no closer to them making a full-on comeback game-wise.

Now all we need is the Chao Garden to make a return. Perhaps if we cross SEGA’s palms with enough rings for their plastic tat, our prayers will be answered! Not via BioWare this time though, please.

Are you interested in any of this merch? Are you a Chao fan? Let us know!

Via, NintendoWire.

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