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Castlevania gets a 35th anniversary music disc collection worth $250

You like Castlevania, right? Sure you do. Great game – heck, great franchise period. It pretty much epitomises everything fantastic about 2D platformers from back in the day, with its whiteknuckle difficulty, tight controls and pervasively catchy sound design. But, like – how much do you love Castlevania? If you had to put a number on it, say? A monetary number? I want you to really think hard about your answer here.

So. Was your appraisal of your Castlevania adoration somewhere in the region of two hundred and fifty crisp American dollars? No? Well, tough, because that’s what diehard fans are going to have to slap down if they’re wanting to partake in Konami’s latest anniversary celebration. In honour of the series’ 35th year whipping and pork-chop-noshing its way into our hearts, we’re being graced with a physical soundtrack release. The contents? 26 discs. No more, no less. And the price? Well… you know.

Oh, I bet Konami are feeling amusement alright. Amusement at the prospect of people lining their pockets with 250 big ‘uns.

NintendoLife has the skinny on this one. “Konami is celebrating the occasion with a lavish 26-disc music collection,” it reports. The catch? “It’s exclusive to Japan at present and costs an eye-watering 28,600 Yen,” which roughly converts to $256, or £190 in dear old Blighty (not factoring in the royal rogering our economy is getting of late thanks to Brexit).

Comprised of two volumes that span the aforementioned 26 CDs, “the collection launches on the 15th of December and will come in two separate sets: Castlevania Black and Castlevania Red.” Precisely how one would differentiate those colours from regular black and regular red remains to be seen. The report adds: “if you pre-order the collection directly from Konami, you’ll get a bonus 14-track CD that features MIDI arrangements of songs from Castlevania: Symphony of the Night,” so fans of the more recent entries are covered as well.

Are you tempted to part with 250 smackeroos? Are you a Castlevania fan? Let us know!

Via, NintendoLife.

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