Opinion: Attack On Titan DLC is coming to Call of Duty, but why?

Ok, look. I know I’m the guy that tends to write the most about anime-related gaming stories here at Mega Visions. But if you told me this was a story at the beginning of the day I would have to report on, you would get crazy eyes from me. In the wake of Activision still facing a mountain of lawsuits and scrutiny, they seem to be trying anything to pivot focus to Call Of Duty: Vanguard and Warzone. Including a partnership with Attack On Titan

Yeah. You read that right. Call Of Duty is partnering with the hit anime Attack On Titan for cosmetics based on the scout uniform and weapons. Specifically that of Scout leader (and fan favorite) Levi Ackerman. The Levi Edition Bundle will come with a scout uniform in addition to multiple weapons that are references to elements of the show. The pack will be available on Jan. 20 for 2,400 CP ($19.99). You can see the cosmetics in action below in the reveal tweet. 

Who’s this for?

This might come off as mean, but screw it. It’s about Activision management. Not the small devs who were forced to work on this (and deserve better working conditions). This comes off as the type of move a company does when they are desperate to grab some headlines. I don’t know a single Warzone player who’s going to throw $20 to look like a character from an anime they don’t watch. And Attack On Titan fans? Consequently, they’re laughing at the irony of Activision not realizing Levi would be questioning their CEOs and managers for their business practices. Therefore, this pack is marketing to virtually nobody. But I guess Activision got its wish to make us forget about the controversy surrounding their company for five seconds. 

Anywho! Attack On Titan premiered part two of its final season last Sunday on Funimation, Crunchyroll, and Hulu! I’ll post the opening and closing to that below instead of telling you where to buy an Activision/Blizzard game! 


Via PlayStation Blog

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