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Bloodborne Kart, a fan-made project, is in development

Developed by the team who delivered the incredible Bloodborne PS1 demake, the release date is "as soon as it's ready".

It’s the crossover you never knew you wanted. Bloodborne Kart, a fan-made Bloodborne kart racer, is in development. Created by the same team that brought us the excellent PS1-style demake of Bloodborne earlier this year, it combines the gritty aesthetics of Bloodborne with the high-octane fun of a kart racing game.

Originating as a joke within the Bloodborne community, Bloodborne demake lead Lilith Walther surprised everyone on Thursday with the reveal. Bloodborne Kart is currently in development and will be released “as soon as it’s ready.”

See the trailer for the game below, courtesy of Lilith Walther on Twitter:

Bringing the Bloodborne Kart meme to life

As mentioned above, this game and its title have been a meme within the FromSoftware community for a while. Walther has even gotten in on the joke before, as for April Fool’s last year, she jokingly announced that the PS1 demake was shelved in favor of Bloodborne Kart — complete with some mock gameplay. It garnered laughs at the time, but it seems as if the idea warmed up to the team and it became their next project after launching the demake.

We don’t know too much about the game as of yet, but we can assume the gameplay will be similar to the mockups presented by the team last year. The Noble Demon, who composed the Bloodborne demake soundtrack, is returning with some more awesome tunes. And famed voice actor and meme voicer extraordinaire Gianni Matragrano will supply his voice as the race announcer.

Walther has started releasing daily development updates on the project. See the first log below, where she discusses the hunter animation and the heavy bike seen in the trailer:

Are you excited for Bloodborne Kart? What do you think of this fan project? Let us know!

Via PlayStation LifeStyle.

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