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Blizzard announces new survival game in a new universe—and they want you to help make it

“Create a new universe with us.”

Blizzard Entertainment published endless franchises that have grown in popularity. From World of Warcraft to Overwatch, they’ve made a name for themselves (for better or worse). Recently, Blizzard announced a new survival game set in an entirely new universe in a developer recruitment news post. Will you join their call to adventure?

Blizzard’s unannounced survival game

The unannounced survival game features an entirely new universe for a brand-new survival game, coming out on PC and console. While we know little about the game itself, Blizzard describes it as “a place full of heroes we have yet to meet, stories yet to be told, and adventures yet to be lived. A vast realm of possibility, waiting to be explored.”

They coupled the new Blizzard game announcement with two different artworks. It’s headliner includes two characters looking out at a beautiful green world. It feels both mystical and realistic, with a bike off to the side and hazy castle floating in the distance. Additionally, the other art features a more fantasy-based character. Cloaked in furs, a tunic, and a skull-shaped helmet, the ax-wielder creeps toward an overgrown stone wall. Both of the concepts seem rather intriguing, and I’m curious how they’ll mesh.

An axe-wielding character creeping towards a mossy stone wall from the new Blizzard game concept art

Join the new Blizzard game’s development

If you enjoy survival games and want to be part of the mystery game’s development, Blizzard encourages you to join their team at its early stages. There are currently listings for multiple art, design, and engineering positions.

“Every story needs a teller. And every world needs builders. What if that could be you?”

There hasn’t been any new Blizzard property since Overwatch launched in 2016, so the announcement came as quite a surprise. After Microsoft’s acquisition of Blizzard, the company seems to want to move forward with new content and experiences. I look forward to seeing how the unannounced survival game develops in the future.

Erin Vieira

Writer, artist, cosplayer, D&D player, Final Fantasy lover, and Bayonetta enthusiast Erin Vieira says that although they were born amongst mortals, someday they will exist as an unknown entity of the void. There will still be video games there, of course.
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