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BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle Season Two Announced for Spring 2019

Four new characters and a new universe announced

After months of silence, Arc System Works has finally revealed their plans for the future of BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle. The multicompany crossover, including Sega/Atlus’ Persona series, first teased a second season back at EVO 2018 in August. Following the Cross Tag grand finals at EVO Japan 2019, ArcSys finally revealed the first batch of new characters, and the first of two new universes to be included.

Joining from the BlazBlue side, likely only for the joke of having two Naotos with similar last names in the game, is Central Fiction debutee Naoto Kurogane. From Under Night In Birth, edgy assassin and personal favorite Seth joins the fray. And most relevant to the Sega side of things, Persona 4‘s Teddie has joined the cast.

That’s not all, as the fifth universe teased back in August has been revealed to be Arcana Heart, with main heroine Heart Aino joining as the series’ first representative. A sixth universe was also teased, and speculation is running rampant already on what it could be. Could it be another Sega property alongside Persona? Perhaps the return of Selvaria Bles or Akira Yuuki to the 2D plane?

The second season has a tentative release date of Spring 2019, alongside an arcade release in Japan. Are you excited for the new content? Got any Persona favorites you’d like to see that aren’t currently in the game? Let us know in the comments!

Brett Hatfield

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