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Bayonetta 3 lead designer left project two years ago

Does this mean trouble for our beloved Bayonetta series?

Everyone’s been patiently waiting for Bayonetta 3. After Nintendo finally revealed the game’s plans to release 2022 on a Nintendo Direct, fans keep their fingers crossed for more news. Now, it seems Bayonetta 3’s lead designer Marius Hermanavicius is no longer on the project and hasn’t been for some time, leaving the PlatinumGames team for Xbox’s Tango Gameworks.

The old lead designer

Marius Hermanavicius worked at PlatinumGames for four years. He was involved in other projects as a level designer, including Astral Chain and the cancelled Scalebound project. It seems Bayonetta 3 was his first project with PlatinumGames as lead designer, though he only kept the role for 8 months. According to his LinkedIn, Hermanavicius now works for Tango Gameworks, and has been doing so for 6 months. No further information appears to be on his page other than his current role as a game designer.

Marius Hermanavicius, Bayonetta 3's old lead designer
Marius Hermanavicius

Bayonetta fans needn’t worry, though. Hermanavicius left the project back in April 2020 after 7 months on the project, meaning the game’s continued its development since. As for Hermanavicius’ replacement, we’ve been told Yusuke Miyata remains involved with the project. Miyata was also part of the cancelled Scalebound project.

Bayonetta 3 fans needn’t worry

As of now, more news about the game remains quiet. Fans continue to eagerly await the upcoming game, which should (hopefully) release sometime in 2022. When exactly that is, we’ve yet to get any word. Until then, all we can do is wait for more of Bayonetta’s iconic dance moves.

What are you most excited to see in Bayonetta 3? Developed any new theories since the last Nintendo Direct trailer? Let us know down in the comments below!

Via, Nintendolife.

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