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Bandai Namco hiring for remaster of ‘3D Nintendo action game’

Time to get your speculation engines a-revvin’, lads and lasses. Legendary studio Bandai Namco, of Pac-Man and Tekken fame, appear to be recruiting more hands for some sort of game remaster related to Nintendo. The news comes courtesy of NintendoLife, who report that the company “have a new project in the works, contracted by” Ninty. Specifically, the job description calls for background artists trained in 3D, and reads as follows: “as a visual artist for a 3D action game project on a Nintendo contract, you will be required to perform HD remastering of the 3D background.” Based on the wording of the posting, it’s believed that the project has yet to actually get started, but once Bandai have all hands on deck, there’s probably no reason to believe we won’t see the cover pulled back on it quite soon.

Of course, with Nintendo being the absolute IP powerhouse they are, this could mean literally anything, especially since the phrase ‘action’ is so vague. If you’ll permit me to unleash my inner pedant for a moment, short of a game where all you do is sit and watch paint dry for hours on end, almost all titles could be classified as ‘action’, since you are, by virtue of doing stuff, performing actions.

Bandai Namco, what could it be?

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Ah. It would appear I was mistaken.

Adhering to the more traditional definition of an ‘action’ game, though, there are a few franchises that could fit the bill. A new entry in the long-dormant Star Fox series would be rather neat (though Lord knows we don’t need another remaster of Star Fox 64), or Bandai could be getting roped in to deal with whatever the hell Nintendo wants to do about Metroid. A remake of one of the Zeldas is also plausible, as is a port of one of the remasters already made for Wii U. Silently, I hope for a localisation of Yo Kai Watch 4 at last, but I fear those particular prayers may never be answered.

How about you? What do you reckon will come of this contract? Let us know!

Via, NintendoLife.

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