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Analogue Pocket delayed again to December

Analogue problems often require analogue solutions. Such is a maxim that’ll serve you well in most aspects of life. Unfortunately, this is an Analogue problem of a more digital nature – and the only solution here is that time-honoured gaming tradition of patience.

The problem being? The retro-inspired handheld Pocket has been delayed once again, this time until Christmas. Happy holidays, all you pre-orderers. Better get the turkey stuck on soon.

For those unaware, the Pocket is a GameBoy inspired (and I use the term ‘inspired’ here to mean ‘blatantly copied’) device that promises to play (deep breath, everyone): Game Boy, Game Boy Color, and Game Boy Advance games natively, as well as Neo Geo Pocket Color, Atari Lynx, and Sega Game Gear games. It achieves this diversity of platforms through cartridge adapters that you slot into the top, thereby admitting games of all shapes and sizes into its poor ravaged orifice.

Every time a site posts this image, Doug Bowser’s finger gets closer to the sue button.

Costing $199.99, the Pocket is by no means a cheap investment, but if it delivers on what it proposes, I’d argue it’s worth that pricepoint. It would seem that many agreed, as fervent orders went live for the thing in August 2020, under the assumption it would ship that year. However, a series of delays brought on by COVID complications resulted in the Pocket’s release date being shunted back repeatedly; and, as Polygon reports, it’s hit yet another snag.

The fancy gizmo is now scheduled to ship in December “at the latest,” the company said Friday in a post on its support site. Analogue cited “new COVID restrictions with our assembly partners” as the cause, saying that they’ve “created a domino effect of delays beyond our control.” See, the only Domino effect I’m familiar with is the one you get the morning after one too many Pepperoni Passions.

“We understand how frustrating this is,” the company said, concluding the report. “It’s very frustrating for us, too.”

Do you share in all this frustration? Will you still be pocketing a Pocket when it hits shelves? Let us know!

Via, Polygon.

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