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A survey suggests a new ToeJam & Earl game is coming

After the success of ToeJam & Earl: Back In The Groove, it would make sense to continue the franchise. Right? The series’s developers, HumaNature Studios, agrees! A new survey from the studio hints that they are in the process of starting up pre-production on a new ToeJam & Earl adventure! You can take said survey here!

The survey goes over plenty of questions about the franchise as a whole. It goes through each game in the series from the original ToeJam & Earl to Back In The Groove. Questions range from “what are your favorite enemies” to “what gameplay elements do you like from each game?” They even ask questions about ToeJam & Earl III: Mission To Earth. Could this mean they are thinking about another 3D adventure for our alien duo? Who knows?

It’s excellent to see that HumaNature is already looking forward with the franchise. Back In The Groove was a wonderful love letter to the series while also pushing it forward for a new generation of gamers to enjoy. Its quirky but unique gameplay style managed to still feel fun and groovy all these years later. Whatever the studio is planning next for the duo, consider me in!

ToeJam & Earl: Back In The Groove is available now on all major consoles and PC via Steam. Do you want to see more adventures with the funky aliens down the road? Let us know below!

Alex Lehew

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