A Persona card game is coming to Japan

Ever wanted to scream PERSONA while playing a card game? Well, do I have news for you! Atlus and Banso have announced Persona VS in honor of the series 25th anniversary! The physical card game will be two players and has an estimated playtime of 15 minutes per round. 

Using cards, each player will summon Personas or partner characters to help bring their opponent down to 0 HP. There will also be rules that allow for fusions and “1 more” attacks like in the games. 

Persona cards will have one ability and two skills for strategy utilization in the game. Partner cards can come in two types. First is the support type, which gives a single-use buff. The second is the React type that can counter a Persona’s Skill.

The card game will specifically focus on characters from Persona 3, 4, and 5. The protagonists from each will have their cards to utilize in the game. A 40 card pack for each game will also come with the package. The packs will include partners and Personas from each specific entry. 

Unfortunately, the game is set to only release in Japan right now. There are no plans to ship or bring the game over to other countries.

If you live in Japan and would like to order the game, you can do so here. Are you hoping to try out Persona VS if it comes to the states? Let us know below!

Via Siliconera

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