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30XX Fire of Industry update adds new level, Dustria, alongside companions

The seventh level of the game, Dustria brings a dangerous industrial setting to 30XX.

After six months in Early Access, 30XX is getting its seventh level Dustria via the v0.24 update, nicknamed the Fires of Industry update. This is the first major update to the game since its launch in February, introducing another stage of the eight promised levels we know about already. Details about the level were revealed at the Gamescom Awesome Indies Showcase.

The new stage is a factory level that promises all sorts of dangerous traps and obstacles for Nina and Ace to overcome. By all accounts, it looks like an incredibly fun industrial area.

Check out the official trailer for the level below, courtesy of IGN:

All about Dustria, the seventh 30XX level

Dustria takes place in “a deadly factory teeming with springing platforms, junk crushers, and conveyor belts loaded with exploding barrels,” according to the press release by Batterystaple Games. The gameplay shown off in the Gamescom trailer demonstrates intense high-speed action with plenty of industrials dangers to dodge. Springs allow you to maintain your momentum as you barrel through the factory hallways.

With the addition of the new level, 30XX has extended its campaign length to seven stages. The Dustria components are also now available in the 30XX level editor, allowing you to go wild assembling your own factory-themed levels.

Another major addition with the Fires of Industry update is a number of companions that give Nina and Ace a helping hand. These companions, called Repros, act as both protection from attacks and a means to crush enemies, and each individual one provides its own unique benefit. (Plus, according to the trailer, they support your life decisions — which is super nice of them!) The Repros add tons of new build options to experiment with, especially with their special abilities.

Batterystaple Games also showed off two new powers coming to 30XX alongside Dustria. First, there’s the Jagged Bolt, a lightning bolt that arcs in the air and adds Homing capabilities to other powers. Then there’s the Ryuusei, a high-velocity diving smash that can cut through enemies and hazards with ease. Both powers look awesome, and we’re excited to see how they help us conquer Dustria on our next run.

Finally, the Fires of Industry update also implements bug fixes to both the main game and the editor. A full list of changes can be found here.

30XX is developed and published by Batterystaple Games. It is available now in Early Access on Steam.

Via Games Press.

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