30XX delayed on Nintendo Switch

Switch players will have to wait just a little longer

30XX, the upcoming Mega Man-inspired rogue-like platformer’s Nintendo Switch release has been delayed art the last minute.

Originally planned with an August 9th launch date, on both the Nintendo console as well as Steam, the former’s release has been pushed back to an unspecified date. Developer Chris King made an X post (what we would have called a ‘Tweet’ in the olden days) to make apologies for the situation

He Went on to explain that the delay is related to fulfilling Nintendo’s processes for the launch, and that the game will be ready to launch for Switch “very soon”.

About 30XX

30XX, the upcoming action platformer from Batterystaple Games combines the controls and movement from classics like Mega Man X, the replayability of a modern Roguelike such as Dead Cells, as well as co-op play into visually exciting experience. The game is actually a sequel to 20XX in which you awaken one thousand years after the original storyline. The Synthetic Mind changed the world you once knew. The human race has lost the will to reach for the stars. You’ll have to explore the lush, verdant prison our world has become, and fight to save what remains.

As he mentioned, the Steam Release went as planned, and the game is now available on that platform.

Are you excited to play the game on Switch, or planning on going the PC route? Let us know in the comments!

David Maddox

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