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Everything we know about 30XX

Get ready for a mega adventure in 30XX

30XX, the upcoming action platformer from Batterystaple Games combines the controls and movement from classics like Mega Man X, the replayability of a modern Roguelike such as Dead Cells, as well as co-op play into visually exciting experience.

The game is actually a sequel to 20XX in which you awaken one thousand years after the original storyline. The world you once knew is gone, changed irreversibly by the advent of the Synthetic Mind. The human race has lost the will to reach for the stars. You’ll have to explore the lush, verdant prison our world has become, and fight to save what remains.

Rise. Fight. Fall. Adapt.

The game is set to feature local and online multiplayer modes so playing with a friend is an option. Each character will have a fully distinct playstyle; Ace will boast swift, combo-friendly ‘Techniques’ and Nina will have an intricate Power Fusion system.

Not just a clone of the original, 30XX will have fresh new sets of levels, items, and powers each time you play ensuring it is never the same game twice, and adding to increased replayability. The roguelike-style progression will let gamers tune the game’s systems and difficulty while playing, even after you win. Plus a level editor (which is pitched as utilizing the same tools the developers used) will allow you to build single level chunks or entire custom campaigns.

Sprite design honors Mega-origins

Apparently, the original 20XX faced some criticism from the look of the sprite design. 30XX has been the art style was completely revamped to be more reminiscent of games it was inspired by such as Mega Man ZX by artist Rogue Legacy.

Indeed, just form some of the early images and gifs on the game’s company website, it’s clear fans of the Mega Man universe will find it both nostalgic and unique. There is also a ‘Memoria’ currency which cab be collected during runs. This will boost character abilities, show upcoming challenges, as well as alter stages. By completing certain challenges, players can also try additional difficulties via something called ‘Entropy Conditions’ that will increase the amount of Memoria you earned.

Flexible permadeath options

One of the biggest selling points of 30XX is that makes it much less threatening than 20XX is that at least in one mode, the developers removed the threat of permadeath. At least according to its PAX Online event info. But the company did stress this only applies to one mode.

If players choose the Mega Mode, they’ll still have procedurally generated levels. However, dying won’t be the usual rouge-like frustration. You can send Ace and/or Nina back in to try again. So once the game generates the levels, they’ll stay that way that particular playthrough, giving you the opportunity to master them. However, is you’re the kind who liked 20XX’s style, Arcade Mode remains.

30XX drops for PC and Nintendo Switch August 9. Were you a fan of the original? Are you looking forward to this next installment? Let us know in the comments!

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