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Yuji Naka takes pictures in front of the former SEGA HQ building

Two years ago, SEGA Sammy announced that SEGA’s group companies would be relocated to a new headquarters in Ousaki, Tokyo. Last year the new building was finally opened, and the old headquarters had been sold.

The old building that housed the classic Sonic Team and other famous groups is likely going to be torn down, so SEGA alum Yuji Naka took it upon himself to take some pictures with his kids in front of the building.

Yuji Naka said:

“They’re saying that the old Sega Enterprises headquarters will be torn down, so I went to take pictures with my kids. When I told them, “Papa created Sonic here,” they said, “Wow, really?”

“There were many people gathered, and while I thought they were here to take pictures, it turned out that it was a Pokemon Go Raid Battle.”

Via Siliconera

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