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Yu Suzuki’s 3D rail shooter Air Twister gets new content update

Earlier this year, Yu Suzuki’s new studio YS Net revealed a secret new game called Air Twister. This new 3D rail shooter ushered a return to Yu Suzuki’s arcade roots, and what was even more shocking was it’d be released exclusively to Apple Arcade.

Now Suzuki’s lengthy career as an arcade game developer and technology pioneer doesn’t require an introduction but Apple Arcade might. If you’re unfamiliar with it, Apple Arcade basically aims to be the Netflix of video games, where you sign on for a monthly subscription and receive all the games to play while you’re a subscriber. Unlike many mobile games, Apple Arcade games are “full” games and don’t require players to make any in-app purchases. Games on Apple Arcade, such as Air Twister, are also exclusive to the platform and not available on competing mobile platforms.

Back to Air Twister, YS Net has been independently marketing the game almost exclusively via their new YouTube channel, the game was first revealed there and since then, the channel has consistently posted video tutorials with essential tips and tricks to master the game.

Since the game has been released, there has been a new Version 1.1 released in August and 1.2 released in September, which were both announced on the YS Net YouTube channel.

Air Twister Version 1.2.0 update

The Version 1.2.0 update was released in September 2022 and adds a new Tap Breaker stage (Tap Stage 36). In Tap Stage, players must tap all 36 cubes in a 4×9 grid as fast as they can. The new update also adds an “extra-challenging, extra-long” Extra Stage that has hordes of monsters and unlockable items.

To celebrate the game’s three-month anniversary, there’s a Limited Time Event from Sept. 23-Oct. 21, where players can complete event tasks to earn exclusive Japanese themed weapon, skins and outfits, that include new hairstyles and hair colors.

What’s included in the Version 1.1.0 update?

Air Twister’s Version 1.1.0 update was released in August 2022 and added a new island on the adventure map, a Turbo mode and new customization options. This update also included a Tap Breaker stage called Tap 25, where players must tap all 25 cubes on a 4×9 grid as quickly as possible. There’s also new Stardust stages called Dark Matter and Grim Vanquish, where players defeat waves of incoming enemies. This update also added a Boss Rush mode, with players battling every stage boss.

Turbo Mode doubles up the game’s speed to amp up the frenetic pace and challenge your reflexes like never before.

Many of us at Mega Visions had finished the story mode and held on to our apple subscription eagerly waiting for the update, especially because the aforementioned tutorial videos featured costumes that were not found in the unlockable sections.

There is a ton to talk about Air Twister, like, share and comment if you would like us to review it!

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