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Yu Suzuki wants SEGA to release HD versions of Shenmue I & II

Fans hoping to relive the Shenmue experience in glorious HD might soon get their wish. In a recent Q & A on Twitch, Suzuki-san mentioned that it would be ideal for SEGA to release HD versions of Shenmue I and II prior to Shenmue III’s release.

“I think that if Shenmue I and II could be released before Shenmue III, people would be able to understand the backstory and enjoy Shenmue III even more. And so I also personally strongly want this to happen, but as the rights are held by SEGA I’m not really in a position to be able to comment. However I will also express to SEGA that I really would like for them to be produced.” — Yu Suzuki 

As someone who has been campaigning for HD releases of Shenmue for the longest time, I couldn’t be happier. Hopefully SEGA strikes while the iron is hot and releases Shenmue HD!

via Shenmue Dojo 

Marcin Gulik

Live and learn everyday. Dreamcast and Shenmue are the epitome of gaming!
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