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You can get the iconic Soap shoes in Sonic Frontiers right now

All you need to do to claim Sonic's shoes from Sonic Adventure 2, you just need to subscribe to the Sonic Frontiers newsletter.

There’s a lot of iconic stuff that Sonic Adventure 2 is remembered for. Introducing us to fan-favorite characters Shadow the Hedgehog and Rouge the Bat, letting us play as Dr. Eggman for the first time in a main series game — and, of course, the legendary Soap shoes. (Or the Hi-Speed shoes, whichever you prefer.) Those Soap shoes are coming back in an unexpected but great way, as SEGA is offering them as free DLC for Sonic Frontiers.

Of course, they’re technically not Soap shoes anymore as the brand has been discontinued. The designs are the same as in SA2 (makes sense, as SEGA designed the actual shoe), just with brand name removed.

In order to claim the Soap shoes for your copy of Sonic Frontiers, all you have to do is sign up for the official newsletter. You can do so on the official site here. (It looks like this bonus is strictly for sign-ups to the English language newsletter, however.) Details on how you’ll download the DLC will be revealed at another time.

Sonic news channel Tails’ Channel detailed the announcement on their Twitter page:

Getting the Soap shoes in Sonic Frontiers

For such a simple DLC, it makes sense for SEGA to offer it through an equally simple method. The Soap shoes are an iconic bit of Sonic history, and no doubt it will appeal to many fans. Yet it is, ultimately, just changing Sonic’s red shoes to different red shoes.

The Soap shoes aren’t the only DLC cosmetic item in the game. For Japanese players, Sonic can also don a set of shoes and gloves modeled after Vtuber Korone Inugami. No word yet on if other territories will get their own special cosmetics, or if the game itself has a cosmetics system beyond these pre-order bonuses.

Will you be getting these shoes in Sonic Frontiers? Let us know!

Via Nintendo Life.

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