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WWE superstar Randy Orton proves he’s the Legend Killer in Elden Ring

Bah God! The Tarnished just hit that demigod with an RKO outta nowhere!

As a lifelong pro-wrestling fan and gamer, nothing makes me happier than when those worlds collide. It’s common knowledge that guys like Xavier Woods and Kenny Omega are hardcore gamers. However, Randy Orton recently revealed his passion for gaming as well, particularly in FromSoftware’s latest title Elden Ring.

The 14-time World Champion is no casual in Elden Ring either. The ring veteran announced on Twitter he levelled up to an astonishing rank of 527. While the max-level players can hit sits at 713, being level 527 is still a feat most players can only dream of achieving.

Randy Orton announces his rank in Elden Ring

Considering some players can beat the game multiple times and not even get close to touching level 527, it’s clear Orton’s put in a ton of hours. Although some may wonder how the Viper has so much time to play video games with WWE’s packed schedule, Orton explains he uses it as a way to pass time on the road. Travelling by bus from venue to venue gives Orton plenty of time to RKO some demigods in the Lands Between.

8hrs by bus. I’m playing Elden Ring and celebrating myself. I had to take a bathroom break, so I decided to check up on Elon, and first thing I saw was your comment. I felt inclined to respond, so I did. Now I’m going to go back to slaying Demi-gods and absorbing their runes.

Randy Orton

What’s your rank in Elden Ring? Do you think you can catch up to the Legend Killer? Let us know below!

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