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World Series Baseball 2K2’s online functionality restored 15 years later

Are you ready for Pedro Martinez's icy, cold and seductive stare?

Sports titles have always been a strong staple of every SEGA console release, and the Dreamcast might have reached the pinnacle of sports excellence thanks to the amazing titles Visual Concepts churned out every year.

Unfortunately for the majority of these Dreamcast sports games, they can no longer be playable after Visual Concepts shut down the servers some time after SEGA discontinued the Dreamcast. But thanks to the amazing work of Dreamcast online mastermind Shuouma, World Series Baseball 2K2’s online functionality has been restored, and baseball fans can once again take to the mound against their friends across the world.

We learned last month that Shuouma plans to bring back all of the 2K sports titles online, and it appears that NFL 2K1 will have its functionality restored fairly soon.

To learn how to get your Dreamcast online again, go to Dreamcast Live, where you can purchase a DreamPi kit that is easy to set up. Several of the SEGA Nerds staff have ordered kits off the website, and we’ve all had very positive experiences thus far.

[Via Dreamcast Live/Photo Credit: Dreamcast Live]

Chris Powell

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